Primary assistance healthcare centre Ramon Turró
18 November, 2016
48 dwellings in Badalona
17 January, 2017

90 dwellings in Terrassa


90 dwellings in Terrassa


Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain


Gripia S.A.


10.166 sqm

It was a building of social housing with the highest quality and dignity within the financial margin available, with an approach of using few elements, but well built. The homes were designed compact and with few voids, plants with a single facade in which lie the living room and bedrooms. The bathroom is inside and the kitchen is integrated into the room. The end houses have two fronts to allow direct air kitchens. It enhances the relationship and common spaces, hallways and access areas, community garden and deck. The building only has two stairways and elevators, one at each end, giving access to all households through steps on each plant to be located within a general area with overhead lighting.