90 dwellings in Terrassa
18 January, 2017
Farmaban Industrial and office building
17 January, 2017

48 dwellings in Badalona


48 dwellings in Badalona


Montigalà, Badalona, Spain


Inmobiliaria Urbis S.A.


7.234,70 sqm

The basic idea for the implementation of the building is to maintain the concept of closed block that dominates in the management of the area, but permeabilizing with discontinuities in Muntaner street and Tanger street, getting a better distribution of construction, which is develops into a crown perimeter 10.60 m. depth, while establishing clear access to the interior of the block from which you access to two of the six steps. The set is developed in two separate units consisting of ground floor and three floors and a basement level in each is accessed by four of the halls. Each of the units regulated independently height thereby achieving a better adaptation to flush the streets.