New Hospital Clinic at Provença Street
14 November, 2016
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New Surgery & Recovery Area and ICU. Hospital Clinic
17 November, 2016

Master plan of the new Hospital Clínic in Diagonal Av.


Master plan of the new Hospital Clínic, Barcelona.


Diagonal Avenue, Barcelona


Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


34.187 sqm


Roger Paez i Blanch (AiB Estudi d’arquitectes, SLP)

The master plan is proposing a solution for the future of the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, centered on the following features:
- the relationship with the city.
- the relationship with the existin gold building of the Eixample.
- open and flexible solutions.
- constructive systems that can be modificed and replaced.
- the facility for transforming espaces.
- high efficient energy systems.
- energy saving systems and lighting control.
- sustainable constructing systems.
- modular design.
- multiple functional solutions.
- compact building full of natural light.
- smart building.